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Print Templates Archive: Preparing to Edit

Preparing to Edit--iReport

Preparing to Edit

This process will help protect the integrity of the exported file as well as help you in tracking changes that are made to the document.

1) Navigate to the directory where the default template was exported during the export Print Template process and open file With Jasper iReport (.jrxml).

***NOTE:  2 files came with this export.  A graphics file that is used in the default template is automatically downloaded ***


Here is how the template will look when opened in iReport:


2) Go to File, then select Save As


3) Give the file a new name using a predetermined incremental naming convention you've established. For example: Here, we've used the naming convention of HPNv0x0.jrxml, which works out to... Hold Pickup Notice version 0.0.


***NOTE: As changes are made to the template it should be saved in incremental versions of HPNv1, HPNv2, etc. This way, if something goes wrong in one of the versions you can easily go back to a previous version that worked before the change was made.***

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