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Print Templates Archive: Adding Text Fields

What is a Text Field?

Text Fields are used for text elements in the Template that come from the data library (Fields) of Millennium or Sierra.  An example of this would be the patron name field on a circulation notice. Unlike Static Text, which does not change, Text Fields will show different information based off the data it is pulling from the system.


Text Fields are represented in iReports by this icon:

iReport Text Field Icon



In this picture of the Report Inspector you can see examples of the different static text elements found in a Hold Pickup Notice:



When you click on a Text element in the Report Inspector (or on the field in the template) the properties of that field can be viewed in the iReport properties menu.



You could use the following button (next to Text Field Expression)...


iReport Browse Button open the Custom Text Editor, making it easier to view and type text your text.


iReport Text Field Expression Editor


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Adding a Text Field

To add a Text Field to a template...

1)  In the Palette, left click on the Text Field button then drag the field into into position on your template.


2)  Click on the Custom Text Editor button to select the Data element you wish to have appear in this field. Click on OK when finished.

**Note: You can click on the field in the template and enter your data element, but using the Custom Text Editor button allows you to select the element, eliminating the possibility of error.**


3)  If necessary, use the field box Handle Bars to resize the box so that all of the text is visible.


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