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Business Research: Demographic & Marketing Info

Finding Demographic & Marketing Information

If you are performing marketing research you many need to find-out who is living in a particular area and what their buying behaviors are. We have several databases which can help you find this information!

From the database landing page you can accept the terms and conditions under Express Login, or to create an account. Having an account is a good idea if you plan to use this database often.

Click on

Give your project a name, then define your research area using an address or a preset area of a state, county, Zip code, city, etc.

The click on

Choosing Your Reports

A wide variety of reports are available for selection. You'll find a description of what each report contains on the right side of your screen.

Once you've selected the reports you wish to view click on


Confirm your location and choices

Click on to see if your reports are finished (compiling can take 30-60 secs.)


You can then view and download your reports

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