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Using Statista: Home

Using this Guide

Statista is a searchable database with an extensive number of statistics, dossiers, reports, forecasts, and infographics on a variety of different topics. 

Statista Features

Statista is a useful tool to for searching and browsing for statistics, insights, reports, and infographics on a wide variety of topics. Statista is particularly useful for locating quantitative data about industries, markets, and consumers. 

This guide will cover using the following functions in Statista: 

  • Searching Statista: Searching for Statistics, Forecasts & Surveys, Infographics, Topics, and Dossiers by key word.
  • Browsing Statista: Browsing for Statistics, Reports, Insights, and Infographics using the main menu ribbon on the homepage.
  • Refining Results: Using the built-in filters to refine search results by type of Resource, Region, Countries & Territories, Industry, Publication Date, and Archive. 
  • Citing Statista: Generating a citation for a chart, graph, or table.

Get Started with Statista (3 min.)