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Open Educational Resources: Searching Google with Usage Rights

Searching Google with Usage Rights

Did you know you can even locate items with Creative Commons licenses using Google? This page covers the basics of how. Remember, it's ultimately up to you to determine what license a work is published under, so be sure to double check your results.

Text Instructions for Searching Google by Usage Rights

  1.  Go to Google.com
  2.  In the bottom right corner of the Google homepage, click on Settings
  3.  From the pop-up menu that appears select Advanced Search
  4.  Fill out the search boxes with the terms you do or don't want to appear in your results.
  5.  Use the limiters below the search boxes to specifiy things like language and file type
  6.  Choose your usage rights. The default is "not filtered by license," but you can change it to allign with whatever Creative Commons license would be appropriate for your needs. Remember to consider if you need to modify the work or if you need to combine it with other Creative Commons items that might have different licenses. (Learn more about Creative Commons licenses or which licenses can be combined.)
  7.  Search!

Screenshot Instructions for Advanced Google Searching

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to advance the slides or play the show. There is no audio. Text instructions are on the left side panel.