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How to Use this Guide

In this libguide you'll find information and resources related to Open Educational Resources (OERs). The different pages relate to different stages of OER production or concepts. 
  • If you are just curious about what OERs are, you should start with the What are OERs? page
  • If you aren't able to adopt or create an OER this semester, please visit the Textbook Affordability page to explore some other options for helping students with textbook costs. 
  • If you are hoping to find, adopt, or create an OER yourself, it would be best to start with the Find page, and then move on to the Evaluate, Adapt, and Create pages once you have an idea of what OERs are already available. 
  • If you aren't finding what you need here, please reach out to the guide librarian or explore some of the libguides listed from other universities. 

What & Why?

‚ÄčOpen Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials that have been released under intellectual property licenses that allows for both their free and open use and repurposing by others. OER can include course materials, textbooks, streaming videos, and any other resource that can be used to support open access to knowledge.

Open Educational Resources are created with the knowledge that they will be reused, remixed, and openly distributed, because of this there may be one or more freely available resources that may fit the educational needs of your students. The purpose of this guide is to help connect you and your students to there resources.

The Faculty Resource Center

Picture of the exterior of Columbine Hall at UCCS.

The Faculty Resource Center at UCCS facilitates the OER training program and provides assistance and guidance to instructors looking to incorporate OER in their courses. From their website: "The mission of the Faculty Resource Center is to provide faculty with the instructional resources and support to explore and implement innovative teaching practices. The Center provides consultation, programs, training, and support." 

Contact the Faculty Resource Center

Columbine Hall, 203

Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

The Faculty Resource Center or the Kraemer Family Library?

Who can best help you with adopting an OER? Depending on what you need and what phase of OER adoption you're currently at, the Faculty Resource Center or the Library may be best. 

  • I want to sign up for the OER Course for faculty.
    • Contact the FRC. 
  • I want to receive grant money for my adoption/creation of an OER. 
    • Contact the FRC. 
  • I want assistance with finding relevant OER and open materials for my course. 
    • Contact the Library.
  • I want help understanding the usage rights on an item I found. 
    • Contact the Library. 
  • I want help redesigning my course to incorporate OERs. 
    • Contact the FRC. 


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