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PHIL 3200: Politics and the Law: Supreme Court Cases by Topic

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Provides unofficial records of U.S. Supreme Court decisions from January 1790 to present

1. Find the "Guided Search" function below the main search.
2. Select Cases

NexisUni Guided Search
3. Select Federal Cases.

4. Enter your subject terms.

Federal Cases and Search Terms

5. Click Search

Cornell Legal Information Institute

This site provides a comprehenisve list of Supreme Court opinions back to 1990. In addition it includes many pre-1990 decisions that are considered historically significant. 

1. Look for the box called Legal Resources and select the link for Supreme Court.
3. Under Archive of Decisions select the link,1990-present.

US Supreme Court Milestone Cases

Google Scholar

1. On the opening screen select case law and click on Select Courts.

2. Select Supreme Court; then click on Done.

3. In the search box enter a term(s) that describe the issue you are researching, i.e. "right to die"
4. You can sort the results by date or relevance by using
the tools on the left side of the screen