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Statutes 101

What are the Colorado Revised Statutes?

It's the legal code of Colorado and consists of 43 generally stated and permanent statues that are codified by the Colorado General Assembly.

How are the C.R.S. arranged?

Every section of the C.R.S has a unique "Title-Article-Section" reference number. So C.R.S. 19-7-102 is Title 19, Article 7, Section 2.

The title identifies the general area of a statute (Elections, Corrections, Health, etc). Titles are made up of articles, some of which also have a popular name (Fair Campaign Practices Act, etc). Articles are divided into sections.

Older versions of Colorado statutes are ordered differently.

What information helps you locate statutes?

The best information is the reference number or the popular name of an act, because they identify a specific statute.

If you're trying to find out what statutes exist in a broad topic area (wildlife protection, hazardous waste transport, etc) you can use your favorite internet search engine or browse the table of contents in the statutes. An internet search can help lead you to the popular or actual name of a law.

Where do I find the full text of a statute?

The C.R.S. is available online through LexisNexis. There is a UCCS subscription version and a free public version. Information on searching for statutes in both version is in the Locate Statutes tab of this guide.

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