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How do I Find Colorado Revised Statutes?: Locate Statutes

Before You Start

The CRS is very, very large so you'll want to start with information on the statute you're hoping to find. You DO NOT want to search in the full text of the CRS for something general like "water" or "elections."

Before searching for a statute, it's good do know:

  • the name of the law - there may be popular names used in the media and the actual name documented in the government information source
  • basic understanding of what this law means or addresses

Since the government is responsible for making a lot of this information publicly accessible, your best bet is start with a web search engine like Google. Once you've identified a specific law, go find it in the CRS!

Other States?

If you need to research other states' statutes, follow the same process for the state of your choice.

Searching the CRS

You can search the current Colorado Revised Statutes in either the UCCS or the public version of LexisNexis.

Older version of Colorado statutes are available in print; not online. We recommend contacting the Research Assistance desk for assistance if you need to locate them.

You can search the statutes by entering terms in the search box or browse the contents of the statues on the lower half of the page by using the + and - signs to open and close different sections.

Screenshot of the Colorado Revised Statutes search options. The table of contents is on the lower half of the page.


The next image shows some results of a search for fair campaign practices. There are matches for the search terms in the text of statutes and in the full title of statutes. This is why it's important to do a specific search instead of a general one word search like "elections" or "water" - there will be too many irrelevant results. If you set a search limit to "Table of Contents (TOC) Only" below the search box you can avoid matching search terms in less relevant places.

Picture of results of a search for "fair campaign practices".