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Counseling and Human Services: Library Research Guide

Subject Specific Databases

A database is an online resource for searching for journal articles and other types of available research. These database links are some of the best resources for searching for counseling and human services related research, but a full listing is available on the Counseling and Human Services databases listing.  

Finding an Article Using a Citation

Do you have a citation and you want to see if the Library has it? Use OneSearch! OneSearch searches everything you have access to.

Simply put in the title right into the OneSearch widget below or go to the UCCS Library's website.

Citation Example:

Brennan, K. M., & Gorman, K. S. (2023). Expanding counseling center use through campus engagement and social norming. College Student Affairs Journal, 41(1), 105-122.

Sample Search:


This OneSearch box defaults to searching for a specific journal article by the article title.

Is it Peer Reviewed?

Peer reviewed, or referred, journal articles tend to be the most scholarly and trustworthy types of research to cite in our own research. But how do you know it is an actual journal article that has gone through the peer review process?

Find out if the journal the article is published in uses a peer review process. All the databases listed on this guide allow you to click on the journal name to find out their peer review status.

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Other indicators of peer reviewed journal articles:

  • Cites previous research in a bibliography or references section
  • Clearly identify the authors, their affiliations, and their expertise
  • Has a methods (methodology) section that tells you how they conducted their research study