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BGSO 4000: Business and Society: Find News Articles

This is a course guide for BGSO 4000: Business and Society

Current News Databases

Using Library Databases to Find Magazines and Newspapers

For use of magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals for research, search for them using the library.

Step 1: Use the "Search for a Journal" finder at the right hand side of this screen to search for periodicals. Or, from the library homepage, search under the "Periodicals" tab for a specific journal title.


Kraemer family Library homepage with Periodicals tab highlighted. Title of periodical placed in search bar


Step 2: If the periodical is available in the library, the journal finder will provide a date range and link to the database where the periodical can be found. Click on the range you would like to look at.


Periodicals records screen with date ranges highlighted.


Step 3: Once a date range has been selected, choose to search within the full publication for articles that fit your topic using the option in the upper lefthand corner of the screen, or browse by issue using the menu on the righthand side of the screen.


Periodical record screen in EBSCO with "Search within this publication" and list of issues highlighted.

It is important to note that you do not use the journal finder to search for your topic, but only the title of a specific periodical. To search for resources on a topic instead, use OneSearch.

You may find while searching for some periodicals that current issues are only available in the library as a hard copy. These are available to use and read while in the library only and cannot be checked out.

Search for a Journal

Do you have a citation for a journal article that you want to find?

Use Journal Search to see if we subscribe to the journal it was published in.

journal search icon

Journal Search

Browse Journals by Subject

This tool is a JOURNAL SEARCH. It tells you if we subscribe to a journal, magazine, or newspaper. NO ARTICLE TITLES. NO RESEARCH TOPICS. Use a database for researching a topic.

Activating Your New York Times Subscription

As a student, you also have access to an online subscription to The New York Times. Click the link below to activate your subscription.