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Mechanical Engineering Research : MAE 1503: Writing & Citing

Common Paper Formatting & Citation Styles

Always use the citation style specified by your professor or the journal you are submitting your article to.

Some commonly used citation styles in engineering fields are:

In both styles, the sources in your bibliography/works cited page appear in the order they are cited in your paper.

Citation Managers

Citation managers help you keep information about all of your sources for various projects in one place, and generate citations from that information in a variety of styles.

All UCCS students have access to RefWorks. This tool is officially supported by the library, so it is the only citation manager we offer full help with at the Research Assistance Desk and workshops on throughout the year.

Engineering citation styles are specialized, so they're not supported in every free bibliography generator on the internet. Some tools that can help you with IEEE or ASME citations include:

The library does not support these tools, so we are unable to assist you with them. There are many online videos and tutorials that you can find if you need help.

LaTeX Help

LaTeX is a common word processing program for preparing papers that involve equations and figures. Brush up on your skills with some of the libraries' books: