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How do I Use the Library?: Use the Library to Study

An Introduction to the Kraemer Family Library

Welcome to the Kraemer Family Library!

collaborative study area

Group and Individual Study Spaces

study rooms

Private Group Study Rooms

computer lab

Computers and Printing

the library stacks

And the Books!

Find Your Space!

The Kraemer Family Library is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the El Pomar Center. One entrance connects the library directly to the University Center.

Collaborative Study Space

If you need to work with a group, or want to chat with friends while you study, use the collaborative work space near the exit to the university center.

Group Study Rooms

Study rooms are located around the library. Some can be reserved, but many are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis. See the box to the right for more information about our study rooms.

Parent/Child Study Room

If you come to the library with your children, feel free to use the parent/child study room. This room is on the third floor. All children must be supervised by their adult guardian.

Quiet Zone

The quiet study zone is located on the 3rd floor of the library, above the exit to the University Center. Please silence phones, use headphones when needed, and whisper.

Use the Study Rooms

There are 33 group study rooms in the Library. Not all of the rooms have computers. Room 229 has a TV with a DVD/VHS player. Markers and erasers for the boards are available at the Circulation Desk.

Room Reservations

15 study rooms can be reserved for group work. Reservations must be made online at least 24 hours in advance: Click here to reserve a room.

All other rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis: If the room is open, your group can use it. (If a reservable room does not have any reservations listed on the sheet outside the door, it can also be used when available.)


Groups ALWAYS take priority in the study rooms and can ask an individual using a room to leave at any time.

The study rooms are NOT soundproof. People nearby will be able to hear your group.

Use the Computers


  • Print from a lab computer, then use your student ID card or ID number to release the print job from any printer
  • There is ONE (1) COLOR PRINTER/COPIER in the library. You must specifically select it from the list of printers when you want to print in color.
  • Scanners are available near the Mac computers.
  • SPSS is available on computers in the McCoy cluster.


There are 12 public computers for UCCS visitors - 6 on the main floor next to the Research Assistance desk and 6 on the upper level behind the stairs.

  • You must use cash to purchase a public printing card.
  • Visitors with their own laptops can set up temporary access to UCCS WiFi - click here for more information.

Get Help - Find the Right Desk

There are several desks where you can get help from Library or IT staff.

Circulation Desk


  • Borrowing, renewing, and returning books and movies
  • Borrowing equipment (headphones, chargers, etc)
  • Questions about library fines
  • Lost and Found (except for flash drives)

Computer Assistance Desk


  • Computer problems
  • Assistance using computer programs (Word, Power Point, etc)
  • Password issues
  • Printing
  • Lost flash drives

Research Assistance Desk


  • Finding books, movies, articles, etc
  • Research assistance
  • Questions about library resources