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How do I Use the Library?: Search for Textbooks

An Introduction to the Kraemer Family Library

What Textbooks Do You Need?

The library does not have a list of textbooks for each course. If you do not know what textbooks you need, look them up on the UCCS Bookstore's website:

The more information you have about the textbook, the easier it will be to find it in the library. Useful information: title, author, edition/year of publication, and ISBN.

Textbook Editions

the ninth and tenth editions of a biology textbook with different covers

New editions of textbooks are published frequently. Each edition has different covers, different problem sets, and different ISBNs. Sometimes the text is very different, and sometimes it only changes a little.

Ask your professor if you are allowed to use older editions of your class textbook so that you know your options.

If your professor does not allow you to use older editions of the textbook, double check the edition or year of publication before you check out the book.

Search for Textbooks

The Library keeps some textbooks on course reserve behind the Main Circulation Desk. You can borrow them for a short period of time, which varies by book. Search for books by title or course number. If you know the book's ISBN, you can do a keyword search.

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Search the Kraemer Family Library for Textbooks

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alert icon The library DOES NOT own a copy of every textbook, and cannot guarantee that the textbooks we do own are currently available.

Textbook Search Tips

When to use the search options in the box above:

  • Keywords: Search by ISBN, partial title, or author / title combination
  • Title: Search by EXACT title only (if you are not sure of the title, use Keywords search)
  • Author: Search by author's last name
  • Course Number/Instructor Name: Search will only work if a textbook has been placed on reserve for a class. (We do have textbooks that are not on reserve - these books can only be found with the keywords, title, or author search options.)

Can you use an earlier edition of the textbook? Many students search for textbooks using the ISBN. Every edition has a unique ISBN, so if you can use older editions search by title or author instead.

Is the title of the book very generic? Many textbooks share the same title (ie, "General Chemistry"). In this case, make sure you also know the author name or ISBN.

Can I Borrow a Textbook All Semester?

If the book is located in "Reserves" students can contact their faculty member about requesting scans from the book for Canvas.

If the book is in the "Main Collection" you can request it and pick it up in the library.

it will have a normal loan period (3 weeks for undergraduates or 6 weeks for graduate students).

If no one else places a hold on the book, you can renew it up to 3 times.