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Rhetoric Research: World Rhetorics

Researching World Rhetorics

World Rhetorics hide in a variety of area studies. Researching in this area will put your search skills to the test!

Our first step is to think about what part of the world we're interested in. For this example, we'll use China.

A screenshot of the UCCS OneSearch advanced search.

We'll start one line with rhetoric* which you'll most always want to use as a keyword. The asterisk at the end of the word truncates so OneSearch will return results with rhetoric, rhetorics, rhetorical, and so on.

We'll add our location to the next line and connect the first and second lines with "AND" so our results will include something from the first line and something from the second line at least.

I'm using China as a keyword because that's the location we're interested in, and "East Asia" to expand my results in case there aren't enough results for China. Connecting them with "OR" means I'll get results with just China, just East Asia, and both. Try out parallel subjects like that to see what you get. You can always edit. 

From there, you can explore the results. This also works if you're interested in identity-based rhetoric like queer rhetorics. Experiment with your keywords as you research and get a better handle on your topic.