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Native American, Indigenous, and Pacific Island Studies: Home


This guide identifies useful resources for you to use in researching topics for Native American, Indigenous, and Pacific Island Studies. Click on the tabs to learn more about the wealth of resources available through the Kraemer Family Library. 

The Women’s and Ethnic Studies program (WEST) has a strong emphasis in diversity and social justice issues, highlighting race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, disability and environmental justice. Native American and Indigenous Studies investigates not only American Indian issues but also the concept of Indigenous knowledge worldwide, with special emphasis on Indian Nations within the United States, First Nations in Canada, and Pacific Islanders.

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LC Call Numbers

Use these Library of Congress call number ranges to "browse" the shelves in the main collection. Note that Native American and Indigenous Studies materials span several call number ranges. If you have a specific topic or a title you are looking for, search the catalog using a keyword or title search.

  • E75-99 Indians of North America
  • E78 A-Z By state, province or region
  • E81-83 Indian wars
  • E91-95 Government relations
  • E92 Canada
  • E93 United States
  • E94 Law
  • E95 Treaties
  • E96-97.65 Education
  • E98 A-Z Other topics 
  • E 98 R3 Religion and mythology
  • E99 A-Z Tribes and cultures
  • GN 380: Indigenous Knowledge
  • JV 305: Indigenous peoples and colonialism
  • KE 7709: Law relating to Aboriginal Peoples
  • KE 7742: First Nations Law
  • KF 8221: Tribal Law
  • N 6538: Native American art and artists.
  • PM101-2711: American languages (Aboriginal)
  • PN 1995.9: Indians in Motion Pictures
  • PS 153 I: Native literature

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Search Terms for Native or Indigenous Peoples

Native, Indigenous, Aboriginal, and Pacific Islander communities around the world can be described using a variety of terms. Consider the following list as you begin a search. National, transnational, and historical contexts may inform your search terms, you will want to be intentional about how best to describe a particular community when searching for information.   

  • Native Americans
  • Indians of North America
  • American Indians
  • Indians
  • Tribal names (i.e. Sioux, Pueblo, Sami) 
  • Native peoples 
  • First Nations
  • First peoples
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Aboriginal Australians
  • Torres Straight Islander People 
  • Pacific Islander
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Pacific Islander Americans
  • Oceania
  • Polynesians
  • Melanesian
  • Micronesia
  • Hawaiian
  • Kanaka
  • Tahitian
  • Maohi
  • Maori
  • New Zealand Aotearoa
  • Fiji 
  • Fijian
  • Samoa
  • Samoan
  • Tonga
  • Tongan