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Physics Research: Find Articles, Books, and Conference Proceedings

An introduction to the Kraemer Family Library's physics resources. This guide highlights study guides with practice problems, as well as information on where you can research topics in physics.


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Search for Articles and Conference Proceedings

In physics, original research is generally published in journal articles and conference proceedings. Here are some of the resources you can use to search for articles on a topic or to access a specific article by title.


Society Publishers

Some professional organizations (like the American Physical Society or SPIE) maintain digital libraries where you can search for articles published in their journals.


Databases that aren't tied to a specific publisher let you search for articles and conference proceedings from a wide range of sources at one time.


Books are helpful when you want an introduction to or background information on a specific topic. You can search for print and electronic books using the One Search tool at the top of this page.

Here are some areas you can browse books on selected topics inside the library:

QC173.55-173.65: Relativity

QC174: Quantum Mechanics

QC176: Solid State Physics

QC350-467: Optics

QC717.6-718.8: Plasma Physics

QC750-766: Magnetism

QC793-793.5: Particle Physics