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Artificial Intelligence & Research : Different AI Tools

AI Research Tools Overview

These are a few reminders when using the following AI tools:

  • Some citations generated by AI might be behind paywalls- you will still need to check the KFL catalog to see what sources you have access to.
  • Citations might be "hallucinated" (the software makes them up based on pattern recognition- the articles don't actually exist.)
  • The data that is used to train AI to generate results for searches is limited by date range, algorithmic bias, and fields of study. This means that older (and potentially foundational) works, works by minoritized authors, or works from under-represented fields may be missing from the results.
  • Citations generated are primarily academic journal articles. This means primary sources, ebooks, multimedia, and other kinds of sources will be missing from the results.
  • Many AI tools are rapidly becoming monetized, you might have limited access to the tools without creating an account or while using free versions.
  • Any works you upload into AI generators might be used to train future AI- check the terms and conditions of the tools you are using.

This guide DOES NOT provide information on how to use AI in individual classes or for specific assignments. Always follow the guidelines your instructor provides if you are concerned about whether using AI is considered academic dishonesty or plagiarism.

Literature Review




Text Creation

Image Creation & Editing

Video creation & editing

Audio Creation & Editing

Other Useful Tools