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Nursing Research: Cite Your Sources

What is a style guide?

Style guides provide instructions for formatting papers and for constructing bibliographic citations (references) used in footnotes and bibliographies.


There are many style guides in use today. They tend to be discipline specific. Typically, nursing and health sciences students will use either "APA style" or "AMA style" when writing papers and when formulating bibliographic citations for papers or literature reviews.


Check with your instructors to find out which style guide you should use.

Help From the Multiliteracy Center

Multiliteracy Center

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The Multiliteracy Center can help with formatting papers and citing sources in APA, MLA, and Chicago style rules. Check their website for consultation scheduling and other services.

APA Style

APA is used in the social sciences. It is also commonly used in business and education.

AMA - American Medical Association Manual of Style

Other Bibliographic Management Tools

Bibliographic management tools or citation managers:  These are software applications that will help you collect and organize your references and format your papers including your citations (references) according to the style manual you choose.

Some of these tools you must purchase, but some, like the ones listed below, are available for free. The library supports RefWorks, and most librarians will not know much about the tools below. The support we can provide for them is limited.