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Leadership, Research, & Foundations Research: Using eBooks

Kraemer Family Library eBooks

The Kraemer Family Library provides access to almost 400,000 eBooks on a variety of platforms to students, faculty, and staff. The best way to find an eBook is to search OneSearch, as it searches across platforms. Just be aware that different platforms and publishers have different restrictions on using the eBook. Platforms tend to fall within one of two categories, the first that uses some sort of Digital Rights Management (DRM) to enforce restrictions and the second DRM free who do not have the same types of restrictions.

Use OneSearch to find eBooks.


Advanced Search

DRM Free eBooks

The following platforms are DRM free and you will be able to read/download the whole book or individual chapters with no limits and without preventing someone else from accessing the title at the same time:

Non-DRM Free eBooks

The following platforms use DRM. Unlike some of the DRM free platforms, which tend to be publisher based, they collect eBooks from many publishers. Different publishers have different restrictions, generally related to how many pages can be printed or downloaded at one time. In addition, there may be limits on the number of licenses the library has purchased.

Best Practices for using eBooks from Ebook Central and EBSCO eBook Collection:

  • Do not download the entire eBooks. This will reduce the number of copies available for use and the download will only be good for a limited number of days.
  • Instead, download the chapter or pages that you need. If you run into the page limits for downloading, download what you can and then go back later or use a different browser to download the next chapter. These downloads do not expire nor do they block a copy from someone else.
  • In Ebook Central you can also use the Read Online option without preventing someone else from accessing the eBook.
  • If you try to open the eBook and there is an error because all of the copies are in use, wait 15-20 minutes and try again.

If you have any problems with eBooks or questions contact Lynn Gates, library liaison to the College of Education, or Matt Jabaily, Electronic Resources Librarian.

Using eBook Central

Image of Ebook Central landing page for an eBook

1 - Opens the eBook in the online reader.

2 - Downloads the entire eBook for a limited period of time.

3 - Number of copies the library has purchased. In this example there are no limits. Other eBooks the statement might read "Your institution has    access to 3 copies of this book"

4 - Publisher restrictions on printing, downloading, emailing, etc.

5 - Scroll down (or use the Download PDF Chapter link) to get to the Table of Contents, from here you will have options to Download PDF or Read Online for each chapter. If the number in the access statement (number 3) is 1 or 3 when you choose to Download PDF, it will open a new window and prepare the PDF for you. If the access statement says "many copies" when you click on Download PDF it will ask you to check out the book first with will give you access to PDF of the full eBook for 7 days, I recommend once you check the book out download as many chapters as you will need during that week.

Using EBSCO eBook Collection