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Biases in Research and Beyond: Literacy Reference Guide: Home

Resources gathered by the Faculty Research Council on identifying and combating bias in academia and academic research.

Faculty Research Council Research Bias Literacy Resources

This guide is a platform for resources identified by the Faculty Research Council related to identifying and combating bias in academic research. Resources are organized in the following categories:‚Äč

  • Alternate Paths to Promotion in the Academy
  • Annual Review Processes & Portfolios
  • Assessments of Faculty Workload
  • Bias & Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Bias in Student Evaluations
  • Campus Climate & Community Wellbeing
  • Individual Characteristics (academic workplaces)
  • Individual Characteristics (non-academic workplaces)
  • Mission & Institution
  • NSF Advance
  • Organizational Structure
  • Tenure & Promotion Processes & Portfolios
  • Tenure Track vs. Non-Tenure Track

You can suggest resources for inclusion via the form on this page (and in fact we welcome you to!). For more details on what each of these categories mean, check the scope notes tab.

This is a living collection. Think something is miscategorized? Reach out to Larry Eames with thoughts and comments.