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A Guide for Locating and Accessing Government Documents and Web Resources

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This guide will lead you to the many government documents available through Kraemer Family Library.  The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its government information. Since 1813 depository libraries have collected,organized, preserved, and assisted users with information from the Federal Government.

Government documents include any publication issued by a government agency. This guide will help you locate information published in such documents.  Searching for government documents can be complicated and, therefore, somewhat daunting.  But it can also be interesting and rewarding if approached with a sense of adventure and exploration.  I hope this guide will be helpful in your search. 

The Kraemer Family Library has been  a Selective Depository in the Federal Depository System since 1974, collecting approximately 34% of all documents published in a variety of formats.  The specific titles we collect are determined by the needs and interests of our campus and the surrounding community.  The Library also collects selected Colorado State documents as well as a number of local documents.  In recent years, our collection has included more and more online documents in addition to the tangible formats such as print, microfiche, and CD's or DVD's.

Use the above tabs to help guide you to the information you need. 

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