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How do I Find Government Information?: Federal

A Guide for Locating and Accessing Government Documents and Web Resources

General Starting Points

The Presidency

The Executive Office of the President

Created in 1939 by President Roosevelt, the Executive Office of the President supports the President in governing. It is overseen by the White House Chief of Staff and includes the Office of the Vice President and a handful of other entities.

Legislative Branch Overview

The House of Representatives

The Senate

The Supreme Court of the United States

Other Federal Courts and Judicial Documents

United States Laws


Regulations are statements issued by federal agencies that have the weight and impact of a law. Congress passes laws, but it falls to the agencies to carry out the tasks laws authorize them to perform. The rulemaking process creates these regulations. The best part about regulations is that you can offer comment! On regulations.gov, you can read proposed new regulations and proposed changes and weigh in on them.