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VAPA 1050: Images

Image and Film Databases

Evaluating Websites

There are a few things you should consider when evaluating a website's credibility that you normally don't worry about with books and articles:

Spelling and Grammar

  • If a site is full of typos, don't use it as a source.

Dead Links

  • If many links on the website lead nowhere, no one is making an effort to maintain the site.

Type of Website

  • .edu = educational institution, like a university’s website
  • .gov = United States government website
  • .org = organizational website, often for a non-profit organization but not always
  • .com & .net  = commercial website and most likely the least credible of the websites

Finding Information on the Web

It is important to critically examine potential web resources for relevancy and reliability.  Below are some recommended web resources related to your course and a list of helpful tips for evaluating information found on the web.

Image Websites