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ENGL 1410: Writing and AI: Reference Sources

Why Use Reference Sources?

The Scholarly WikipediaPicture of Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics

Ever really wanted to use Wikipedia for an assignment but you professor said no? Reference books are the scholarly equivalent of Wikipedia because they are basic info written by experts using reliable sources. And they are a great place to begin your research and to come back to as you have questions about terms and concepts you encounter.

Use them for...

  • Definitions of terms, ideas, movements, or concepts. 
  • Choosing a narrower topic from a broad field
  • Learning the basic background of a topic so you understand the articles and books on your topic
  • Finding alternate keywords to use when searching the databases
  • Article and book references that you can use to find more sources


Find this reference book!

Online Reference Sources

Online reference books can be viewed anywhere on campus, or at home using your UCCS login to get past the library proxy. 

Using Wikipedia Correctly

Can I use Wikipedia?

Kind of. You can absolutely use Wikipedia to:

  • Get familiar with your topic
  • Find keywords to use when searching
  • Find references to better sources

You shouldn't use Wikipedia for:

  • As a source for your paper
  • Statistics, dates, exact quotes (anything that you want precision from)

Print Reference Sources

Physical reference books have to be used at the library. They're kept on the shelves behind the reference desk.