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Health Sciences and Human Nutriton and Physiology Research: Class Assignments

Class Assignments

This page covers information on textbook and writing/citation resources at the library and around campus. It also covers the primary differences between a scholarly article and a popular article. For more information or assistance on these topics, please reach out to the subject librarian. 

Common Assignment Problems and QuestionsAn encyclopedia, a scholarly article, and some popular sources. Decorative.

Citation and Style Guides

Search for Textbooks

The Library keeps some textbooks on course reserve behind the Main Circulation Desk. You can borrow them for a short period of time, which varies by book. Search for books by title or course number. If you know the book's ISBN, you can do a keyword search.

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Recognizing a Scholarly Article

Is it scholarly? A checklist: 

Was the article published in a journal?A cartoon image of a scholarly article.

Usually you can find this information at the top or bottom of the page, in the corners or near the page numbers. 

Does the article list the author's or authors' credentials and workplace? 

Look by the authors' names, or around the authors' names for footnotes.  

Is there an abstract, methodology, or other typical paper sections?

Scholarly articles tend to have standard sections, especially in STEM fields like medicine and health science. 

Is there a (somewhat lengthy) works cited list? 

Scholarly articles will always have a reference or works cited list. Unlike newspaper or magazine articles, these tend to be rather long. 

Still not sure? Ask a librarian for help!


What does it mean when we say an article is "scholarly"?

A scholarly article is created by researchers for researchers. Its formatting and design reflects this purpose. The results, methods, and conclusions of the article are laid out consistently for easy reading by experts, and the language of the article tends to be technical and designed to speak to other experts in the field. 

The other main determinant of a scholarly article is how it is published. Scholarly articles go through a process called "peer review." Before a scholarly article is published, other experts in the field review it to make sure the research was well conducted and the conclusions are sound.

Are all scholarly articles reliable? 

No, even with the peer review process in place, scholarly articles can still be flawed, poorly conducted, and biased. Check out the evaluating research page to learn some additional techniques for evaluating the quality of scholarly articles. 

Writing and Citation Assistance

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RefWorks is the library's citation management software. You can use it to store your research and generate a bibliography for you. WARNING: RefWorks sometimes gets it wrong. You always need to check your citations.

To learn more about RefWorks, click here

Publish Your Work!


You're already researching and writing a paper. Why not publish your work?

Consider submitting a paper to URJ-UCCS: Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS.  It publishes high quality research and creative works produced by undergraduate students at UCCS.

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