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ENGL 1410: Writing the Body: Cite Sources

Why cite

Why should you cite?

  • So you're not an idea thief, taking credit for someone else's work. No one likes idea thieves. 
  • So other people reading your work know you've done your research.
  • To avoid plagiarism, which can cause Fs and expulsions. 

Have questions about plagiarism? Ask your ENGL1410 instructor, a librarian, or the writing center for advice. 

Want someone to look at your citations or help you write them? Ask the writing center. 


RefWorks Logo

RefWorks is the library's citation management software. You can use it to store your research and generate a bibliography for you. WARNING: RefWorks sometimes gets it wrong. You always need to check your citations.

To learn more about RefWorks, watch the tutorials from ProQuest here.
To sign up for RefWorks, click here

Get help with Citations!

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Before you submit:

  • Remember, only you will get a grade on this paper. Check any citations you created using software, like RefWorks, against the MLA style guide your instructor has asked you to use. 
  • Different editions of the MLA style guide will have different guidelines, make sure you're using a guide that matches the edition of MLA your instructor has asked you to use. 

Style Guides

For more help, check out this research guide on citations.