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Librarians to the Rescue: Using School and Local Libraries for all Your Pop-Culture Needs: Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Denver Comic Con Panel Presentation by Tabatha Farney, Emilie Vrbancic, Joel Tonyan, Benjamin Syn, and Christi Piper.

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For Teachers: Why Use Comic Books and Graphic Novels in the Classroom?

Once dismissed by educators and librarians, comic books and graphic novels are increasingly accepted in the classroom and can found on the shelves in university libraries across the country.

So why should you incorporate them into your curriculum?

  • As a medium that combines visual and narrative storytelling, comic books and graphic novels are great for teaching traditional and visual literacy. 
  • Comic books and graphic novels address many of the same themes and topics found in so-called "traditional" literature, including prejudice, gender identity, war, politics, and so on, making them ripe for cultural study. 

Recommended Resources:

For Librarians: Building a Graphic Novel Collection

These resources offer title recommendations for librarians looking to build or expand their library's graphic novel collection:

Online Resources:

Print Resources:

Recommended Titles