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Kraemer Intergeneration Collection: Health and Aging

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Intergenerational Topics in Health and Aging

When considering health and aging in senior adults, there are many topics involved that affect an number of different individuals among the generations.

The Growing Number of Seniors

In the report from the Administration on Aging titled Aging in the 21st Century, populations projections determined that from "2010 to 2030, the population aged 65 and over is expected to grow by 75 percent to over 69 million" and that the growth rate of the elderly (during that period will exceed) that of the population under age 65, so that the proportion of the elderly in the overall total increases sharply to 20 percent." This population increase will create special considerations from many different areas of society as we adjust to increase access to services in health care, education, housing, recreation, transportation, and other special concerns.


One group that will see significant increase as the population ages is caregivers. Whether the caregiver is family, hired home help, or medical staff, there will be an increased need to provide support nad education for caregivers working with seniors. Many organizations and programs are addressing the need for increased resources by establishing public programming or online resources. Some valuable resources for caregivers of senior adults include:

Want more information?

Gerontology and other fields focused on health and aging are an increasingly important field as the Baby Boomer generation ages. To learn more check out some of the blogs and websites listed below: