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ENGL 1410: On the Table: Useful Websites

Evaluate Your Website

 Cartoon of a laptop.Remember that not all websites are credible sources of information,and that .gov and .edu are not fool-proof signs of credibility. 

Google Hacks

Use these tricks to look for news articles and government, university, and organization websites and info. 

Certain Site Types

Use site: immediately before a site type like .gov, .org, or .edu to prioritize results from that domain type. 

Ex. site:.edu

Within a Site

Use site: immediately before the website address you want to search to search only for results from within that site.

Ex. site:fda.gov

Exclude a Term

Use - directly before a word to get results that don't include that term. 

Ex. macaroni -cheese (for results on just macaroni, without mention of cheese)

Set a Date Range

Use .. between two years to set a date range for your results.

Ex. 2017..2018

For more tips...

Check out this infographic from HackCollege.com

Useful Websites

Evaluating Websites

There are a few things you should consider when evaluating a website's credibility that you normally don't worry about with books and articles:

Spelling and Grammar

  • If a site is full of typos, don't use it as a source.

Dead Links

  • If many links on the website lead nowhere, no one is making an effort to maintain the site.

Type of Website

  • .edu = educational institution, like a university’s website
  • .gov = United States government website
  • .org = organizational website, often for a non-profit organization but not always
  • .com & .net  = commercial website and most likely the least credible of the websites