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Sociology Research: A Guide for Graduate Students: Find Journals

Search for a Journal

Do you have a citation for a journal article that you want to find?

Use Journal Search to see if we subscribe to the journal it was published in.

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Journal Search

Browse Journals by Subject

This tool is a JOURNAL SEARCH. It tells you if we subscribe to a journal, magazine, or newspaper. NO ARTICLE TITLES. NO RESEARCH TOPICS. Use a database for researching a topic.

Journal Search Example

The Journal Search is best used when you have a citation of a journal article and want to find the full-text of that article. For example, you have the citation:

Manasse, M.E and Ganem, N.M. (2009) Victimization as a cause of delinquency: The role of depression and gender. Journal of Criminal Justice. 37(4), 371-378.

You can find the full-text, by doing a:

  1. Journal Search on the journal title: Journal of Criminal Justice
  2. Click on the link that includes your article's publication date. In this case, it would be the the "from 1995 to present in ScienceDirect Journals" link.
  3. You can browse the archive for the year (2009) or volume/issue number (volume 37, issue 4) to find this article OR you can find the search box and just enter the article title ("Victimization as a cause of delinquency: The role of depression and gender"). Either way should work.