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ENGL 1410: American Food Culture: Find Books & Movies

Search for books, ebooks, videos, and more

Kraemer Family Library offers three methods to search for books/ebooks, and multimedia.

The Kraemer Library Catalog allows you to search what is available in our collection.

Prospector allows you to search for and request print materials and multi-media (not ebooks) in other Colorado and Wyoming libraries.You may borrow materials that we do not own or that are currently checked out from Kraemer Family Library. Materials are delivered to the Circulation Desk at KFL through a courier that operates on weekdays.

OneSearch allows you to locate books/ebooks, multi-media, AND articles within our print and electronic collections.

Searching in the Kraemer Library Catalog

Subject Search uses a controlled vocabulary (Library of Congress Subject Headings) and will retrieve relevant items on your research topic. Subject search allows you to:

  • identify all items in the collection about that subject.
  • narrow your search through subject subdivisions.

Keyword search allows you to search for any word(s) in the subject, title, author, and content notes for all item records in the catalog. Keyword search allows you to:

  • locate items on your topic if you don't know the subject heading.
  • create searches that combine search terms as in the sample search below.
  • identify chapters in books about your topic.



Search Prospector: Classic Catalog

Is our copy of a book checked out? Not enough books about your research topic at UCCS?

Use Prospector to search the catalogs of other libraries in Colorado! If an item you want is available, place a request and it will be delivered to Kraemer Family Library. You'll get an email when the item arrives.

prospector icon

Prospector: Classic Catalog

Search Prospector:

Advanced Search

OneSearch Basic Search

OneSearch allows you to search for books/ebooks and journal articles at the same time. You will also find other types of materials in OneSearch including newspaper articles, reference sources, and multi-media.


OneSearch basic search screen

Use the Advanced Search Screen in OneSearch for more complex search strategies and limiting options.

What Can I Find in the Catalog?

Print Books (Ain't broke? Don't fix it!)

E-books (Like print, but online.)

Movies (DVDs and streaming)

Music (CDs and streaming)

Find a Book on the Shelves

To find a print book, first identify the correct section of the library by checking the location of the book. Most books are in the "Main Collection" which is on the 3rd floor.

Reading LC Call Numbers

Books sorted in correct order by call number. The book described in the text below has call number N66 .B634 1999

  • N - describes the subject area: read in alphabetical order
  • 66 -  describes the topic: read as a whole number
  • .B634 - describes the author's last name: read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal
  • 1999  - date of publication: read in chronological order

If you are unable to locate the book or the book is missing, ask for help at the Circulation Desk.