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WEST 4100/MSGP 4100: Native American Perspectives on Museums: Web Resources

Finding Information on the Internet

Information found on the web should be carefully evaluated for relevancy and reliability. Below is a list of recommended web resources to help you in your research. Also included is a helpful checklist to aid in evaluating information found on the web.

Recommended Websites

Government Websites

Should I Use This Website?

After you find a source, you still need to decide whether you want to use it in your assignment. Ask yourself the following questions before you commit to using a website for a source:

How current is the website? If your topic requires up to date information, you need to pay careful attention to the date of publication.

  • Check for "Last Updated" on web pages or for a "Posted" date at the beginning or end of online articles and blog posts

Who is the author? Look for a brief biography of the person or a description of the organization. Are they affiliated with a university, for-profit organization or not-for-profit agency?

How accurate is the source? Are they citing their sources? Look for bibliographies or footnotes. On websites there may also be links to their sources - dead links are a bad sign.

How relevant is the source? Does the information actually fit your topic or would you be forcing it to work?

What is the purpose of the source? Is the information intended for a specific population? Is this website used to inform, persuade, or advertise?