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History Research: Finding Books

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Use the Kraemer Library Catalog to find books, ebooks, DVDs, streaming movies, CDs, and streaming music owned by the library. You cannot find articles in the catalog! Need articles for your assignment? Search in a database.

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Is our copy of a book checked out? Not enough books about your research topic at UCCS?

Use Prospector to search the catalogs of other libraries in Colorado! If an item you want is available, place a request and it will be delivered to Kraemer Family Library. You'll get an email when the item arrives.

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Seaching the catalogs

A Keyword search allows you to search for any word(s) in the subject, title, author, and content notes for all item records in the catalog. 

A Keyword search allows you to:

  • locate items on your topic if you don't know the subject heading.
  • create searches that combine search terms.
  • identify chapters in books about your topic.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when doing a keyword search:

  • use quotation marks to surround a phrase. Only use quotation marks around words that have to stay together.

Correct example of when to use quotation marks: "north america"

Incorrect example of when to use quotation marks: "soldiers in north america"

This search should instead be: soldiers AND "north america"

  • to search terms with multiple endings, use an asterisk  * at the end of the root word.

Example: indian* will search for any word that begins with "indian," including indians, indian, Indiana, and Indianapolisscreenshot of a keyword search in library catalog

When you do a Subject Search you are searching within a controlled vocabulary. In our library we use the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Subject searches are much more specific than Keyword searches and only look for materials that have a specific subject assigned to them.

*A subject search will only search for your terms in the subject heading field of an item record in the catalog. It will not search your terms in the abstract, title, or chapter information in an item record.*

A Subject search allows you to:

  • identify all items in the collection about that subject.
  • narrow your search through subject subdivisions.

A subject search for Indians of North America History is a broad subject that narrows to more focused subject headings as in the screenshot below. You can select any of these subject headings to find materials that have that specific heading.

Other Places to Search for Books

If the Kraemer Family Library doesn't own the books you are looking for, search other libraries and place a request to have the items sent here for free. When searching for books and movies, search the following tools in this order: