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History Research: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

Reference sources are useful when you need a summary or an overview about a topic you are researching. These books are meant to be consulted rather than read from cover to cover. They can help you narrow the focus of your topic, assist with the identification of keywords and related terms, and often include a list of other resources including primary resources.

The library also has a few electronic reference collections that may be useful that are listed below.

How to search for reference sources at Kraemer Family Library

Using the OneSearch box on the library home page enter the terms: middle ages women as in the screenshot below.

search for middle ages women in the OneSearch search box

Look to the left of the OneSearch screen and scroll down. Select Library Location and then select Reference as in the screenshot below.           How to use OneSearch to limit titles to those in the Reference Collection of Kraemer Family Library

To locate print reference sources, search the Kraemer Library Catalog by subject or keyword. Limit the search to Reference using the Location box.

KFL catalog search for reference sources on the vietnam war

Results for the search in the screenshot above, encyclpedias and "vietnam war".