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Guide to Staying Home: At Home with Kids

This guide includes resources provided or recommended by the Kraemer Family Library for making the most of UCCS's remote learning period.

What Library Kids Are Doing Online

What ‚ÄčMatt Jabaily's daughter, Veronica (age 6), has been up to:

  • Mo Willems Lunch Doodles - Doodling and calm talking with Mo Willems. My pigeon pictures have gotten much better (but he still can't drive the bus).
  • Brain Pop - Videos and educational materials. Free access available during the COVID-19 spread. Headphones recommended (unless you like that robot noise).
  • PBS Kids - Watching the same episodes of Pinkalicious is educational, right? (Seriously, though, Peg + Cat is amazing.)
  • Khan Academy Kids - Free educational materials and games. Regular Khan Academy is great for older students and adults.
  • Minecraft Education Edition - I was able to get a free Minecraft Education account with my UCCS/Microsoft Account. It would probably work for you, too.
  • Regular Minecraft - Not free, but it keeps V occupied for longer than I'd expect. And we both like spawning horses and blowing things up with TNT (but not blowing up horses, we're not monsters).

Tabby Farney's daughters, Freya (age 6) and Vivi (age 3) also love PBS Kids and Khan Academy Kids. A few other fun things include:

  • Ticket to Ride Junior app (Freya mostly plays while Vivi watches) - currently free for the Apple app and less than $2 for the Google Play version.
  • Pikes Peak Library District is also offering virtual story telling and other activities. Scroll to the bottom of their Virtual Library Services & Programs for a complete listing of activities.


Note: Some of these books are on the O'Riley eBook platform. O'Riley requires you to make an account, but all you have to do is enter your UCCS email address and if prompted leave the password field blank.

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