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Journals, Magazines, and Trade Publications

Primary Source Publications

Trade Magazines: Cover the business of filmmaking in all its forms. May include reviews and box office statistics. See Hollywood Reporter, Mediático, or Variety.

Fan Magazines: Tend to be oriented toward gossip and celebrity profiles. May include reviews, interviews, and news. See Entertainment Weekly or Photoplay.

Technical Magazines: Cover the technology and process of film making. May include interviews with relevant people. See Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, Lighting and Sound America (also includes theatrical and architectural content), or American Cinematographer.

Secondary Source Publications

Scholarship and Criticism: 


While criticism is scholarly and generally published in academic journals for an academic audience, reviews can be written by anyone and are generally aimed at the general public. They are generally published at the same time the work reviewed is released and can capture contemporary, popular opinions. 

To find reviews, include "reviews" as a subject term in your search or choose "reviews" under content type when searching the catalog.


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