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Sue Byerley

History, Philosophy

Tabatha Farney
(On Leave Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

Criminal Justice (Joel Tonyan), Public Affairs (Christina Martinez), Political Science (Rhonda Glazier), Sociology (Joel Tonyan)

Carlos Duarte

Anthropology, Women's & Ethnic Studies

Lynn Gates

Counseling & Human Services, Leadership, Research, & Foundations, Teaching & Learning

picture of Rhonda Glazier

Rhonda Glazier

Art, Film, Music, Theatre & Dance

Christina Martinez

Business, Communication, Economics, English, Languages & Cultures

Norah Mazel

Biology, Chemistry,
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mathematics,
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Physics

Christi Piper
(On leave Spring 2017)

Health Sciences (Norah Mazel), Nursing (Norah Mazel), Psychology (Sue Byerley)

picture of Joel Tonyan

Joel Tonyan

Computer Science, Geography & Environmental Studies, Innovation