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ENGL 4970: Seminar in Shakespeare Studies: The Sonnets: Primary Sources

The Sonnets

What are primary sources

Primary sources are materials that offer original data about a particular time, place, or event. Primary source materials are usually written or created at the time an event occurs or during the time period that you are studying. Primary sources also include original creative works such as novels, plays, film and music. They reflect the culture and thought of an era or place.

Primary sources may also include materials that were created by a witness of a time period or event, but at a later date. Examples of these types of sources include autobigraphies and oral interviews.

Primary sources are materials that have not undergone any sort of  interpretation or evaluation. Examples of primary resources include:

Diaries   Novels       Poems       Plays      Maps     Travel Guides       Postcards         Music and Film

Newspaper articles          Autobiographies         Opinion Polls   Statistics          Artifacts          Interviews

Correspondence           Photographs    Court records  Wills    Government records    Speeches

Primary Source Databases

Primary Sources in the library catalog

When you search in the Kraemer Library Catalog and Prospector for primary source material look for terms such as the ones listed below within the subject headings that are listed in the item record.

For example you might search using the words Britain history sources or Britain history women sources

Look for relevant subject headings that contain words like:

  • sources
  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • congresses
  • public opinion
  • personal narratives