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How do I Find Fiction and Foreign Language Books?: Find Graphic Novels

Award Winning Graphic Novels in the Library

Akira cover image
Jimmy Corrigan cover image
Batman the Dark Knight Returns cover image
Maus cover image
Saga cover image


Katsuhiro Otomo

PN6790.J3 O86 2009

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth

Chris Ware

PN6727.W285 J56 2002

Batman, the Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller

PN6728.B36 M545 2002

Maus: A Survivor's Tale

Art Spiegelman

D810.J4 S643 1986


Brian K. Vaughan

PN6728.S225 V38 2012

Find Graphic Novels in the Library Catalog

Finding graphic novels in the Kraemer Library Catalog is not always an easy task. The easiest way to find these materials is to search for titles or authors that you already have. See the Search the Catalog page for more information about how to search by title, author, or subject/genre.

To browse Graphic Novels using the Kraemer Family Catalog:

1. Click "Advanced Search" option at the bottom of the Kraemer Library Catalog box.

2. Select "Subject" instead of "Any Field" from the drop down box.

3. Type "comic books, comic strips, etc." into the search box.

4. In the second search box, type in "graphic novels". (Leave this search row as a keyword search) Submit.

This is a basic search in our catalog to get an idea of what graphic novels we have available. It will include books that are about graphic novels and comics. If you want to get rid of some of the books that talk about graphic novels, follow steps 5 - 6.

5. At the end of the second search box change the "And" to "And Not".

6. In the third search box, type in "criticism OR literature". This will exclude most of the books that are about graphic novels.

If you do all 6 steps, your search should look like this:

catalog search image

Browse Graphic Novels in the Library

In the Kraemer Family Library, graphic novels and comic books are integrated into the Main Collection on the 3rd floor of the library. You can browse some of the graphic novels in the PN6700-6790 call number range, but you will also find books about graphic novels, such as literary analysis and criticism.

Other graphic novels that are biographies, autobiographies, subject, or historically based, such as Maus: A Survivor's Tale or The Manga Guide to Biochemistry, will be with their subject area materials on different shelves. The easiest way to find these types of subject materials is to do a search in the library catalog that uses the SUBJECT "comic books, strips, etc." AND KEYWORD "your subject". A search could look like this, "comic books, strips, etc." AND "history".

Some topics that we have within our graphic novel collection that you could use to search include:







Library Map

3rd Floor library map indicating graphic novels shelf