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TED4520/5520: Educational Psychology: Finding Articles

Library guide for TED4520/5520.

Education Databases and Journals

Click here for the full list of Education databases.

You can also visit the library's Current Periodicals section to find the latest issues of journals and education news such as Education Week, Chronicle of Higher Education, Psychology Today, Scholastic Teacher, and more.

Search for a Journal

Do you have a citation for a journal article that you want to find?

Use Journal Search to see if we subscribe to the journal it was published in.

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Journal Search

Browse Journals by Subject

This tool is a JOURNAL SEARCH. It tells you if we subscribe to a journal, magazine, or newspaper. NO ARTICLE TITLES. NO RESEARCH TOPICS. Use a database for researching a topic.

Basic Search Tips

Brainstorm Keywords

  • Use encyclopedias, internet searches, and your own brain to develop a list of terms to search. If your first search attempt doesn't match a lot of results, you'll be able to quickly try a new keyword. If your topic is educational entertainment be ready to search its synonym, edutainment.

Short But Sweet

  • Don't enter long phrases. Use only the most important keywords. A research topic like "the impact of autism spectrum disorders on learning styles" should break down to a search for "autism" and "learning styles".

Phrase Searching

  • Keep specific phrases together by using quotation marks. A search for "learning styles" will only find those words together in that order. It will not match the words learning or styles separately.

Truncation (aka wildcards)

  • Use an * to search for multiple word endings: A search for educat* will match results with the words educate, education and educational.

Research Assistance

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ILLiad: Interlibrary Loan for Journal Articles

No UCCS holdings for your article?

ILLiad: Interlibrary Loan

Request that the article be delivered to you as a PDF by using ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan). This usually takes a few days - or less!

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