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How do I Find Statistics?: Finding Statistics

Helpful Hints

Things to Remember:

  • Sometimes statistics are buried within the text of a journal, magazine, or newspapers, so remember to browse information that you are finding.
  • Remember to check the citations in the books, articles, and other materials that you find to discover where the author obtained the statistics from.
  • To find statistics while searching on a topic, combine the keyword of your topic with  a statistics keyword or subject.
  • If you are looking for statistics about or from a specific country, remember to include the country's name as a keyword in your search.

Terms that you can add to your search to find statistics for your topic include:

  • statistics
  • numbers
  • data
  • trends
  • polling 
  • figures
  • tables

Search Examples:

  • immigration AND statistics
  • birth AND statistics OR trends
  • global warming AND trends


Search the Kraemer Library Catalog

The library has many different statistic collections, in both the Main Collection and the Reference Collection. To find these materials, combine your topic with a statistical keyword, for example immigration AND statistics. 

Other statistical keywords that you can try in the catalog are: statistics, data, trends

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Databases to Search

While not all of these databases are strictly statistical ones, many of them contain newspaper and magazine articles that contain statistics within in them.