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How do I Find Book Reviews?: Use Print Resources to Find Book Reviews

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Print Review Sources

The library has a variety of print book review sources, including reference books, magazines, and journals.

The magazines and newspapers in print form are best for browsing reviews. Many of these same journals and newspapers can be electronically searched using databases. *These materials, however, are not typically considered academic sources.* See the Use Databases to Find Book Reviews page for more information. If you want to find a print version of a review that you identified in an online resource, make a note of the year, volume, and issue that the review you are looking for is in so that you can find the appropriate print volume quickly.

If you are looking for a specific review in a reference book, start by checking the index for the specific title.

These are magazines and newspapers that the Kraemer Family Library has available. Take note that most of the materials are not considered academic sources.

The New York Times Book Review
Location: Newspapers  AN1 .N44
The library keeps the previous 3 months shelved. You can search for older editions (1985 - present) using the online version of The New York Times Book Review

The New York Review of Books
Newspapers AP2.N655 (Current Issues Only)
Microfilm AP2.N655 (1963-present)

TLS, The Times Literary Supplement
Newspapers AP4. T45 (Current Issues only)
Microfilm AP4. T45 (1965-2010; 2011-2014)

Publisher's Weekly
Periodicals Z1219.P98 (Current Issues only)
Microfilm Z1219. P98 (1964-2009)
You can also search online issues of Publishers Weekly here.

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
Locations: Periodicals Z1035. C5 (1968- current)
You can also search Choice online from 2009- 6 months ago online here.

These materials are compilations of magazines and review sources that are kept one the Reference shelves in the library and are not available for checkout.

Book Review Digest
Location: Reference Z1219.B72
Look for reviews by author, title, and subject. Excerpts of reviews are included. Most of the reviews indexed in this publication do not come from scholarly, academic journals. The library has print volumes from 1905-1999.

Book Review Index
Location: Reference Collection Z1035.A1 B66
Includes reviews from over 500 periodicals. Author and title indexes are provided. Does not include excerpts of the reviews.

Children's Literature Review: Excerpts from Reviews, Criticism, and Commentary on Books for Children.
Location: Reference PN1009.A1 C5139 v.1-15
Includes book review citations from numerous children's books.