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      Book reviews and literary criticism are NOT the same thing.    

If you need help finding literary criticism see the "How do I Find Literary Criticism?" guide.

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What are book reviews?

A book review is an article that describes and sometimes evaluates a book. Book reviews are typically short descriptions and evaluations of recently-published books. They may be found in newspapers, magazines, journals, or online, and may be written for a general public readership or for a specialized scholarly or professional audience. They may be descriptive, critical, and analytical, but are not considered literary criticism.

Book reviews are typically written close to the time the book was originally published. For example, reviews of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald appeared in 1925 or 1926 (right after the novel was published), while literary criticism about the novel continues to be written today. If you are looking for a review, try looking within about 3-4 years after a book was published.

This guide offers tips on finding book reviews using the library's resources.

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