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How do I Find Career Resources?: Network

Resources for learning about what comes after university studies.

What is Networking?

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In today's economy, finding a job can be difficult and take a lot of hard work. Networking is a very important piece of that work, because many jobs are not ever posted to job boards or advertised, but spread by work of mouth. Networking may sound intimidating, but really it is just getting to know people in different industries and making connections with people you may already know. This page will provide you with tips about how to network effectively and resources about how to use the networks you create to get a job.

Learn More About Networking

Where to Start?

There are many different ways to start building your career network, both online and in face to face gatherings. Here are some suggestions of events to attend and online resources to utilize.


A LinkedIn profile is important if you are interested in taking advantage of basic networking to find a job, or just network with others in your field. Make sure that you keep an up to date resume posted and join in groups and conversations to fully utilize the networking potential of your profile. Reach out and connect to individuals who are in the field or careers that you are interested in.

Professional Associations

Join the professional associations related to your career field. These associations are a good place to find the movers and shakers in your field, as well as stay on top of the trends and developments that are happening. 

For a list of professional associations listed by career field, check out Weddle's Assocation Directory.

Mailing Lists

Find the pertinent mailing lists for your area and professional field and join them. These lists are a good way to be apart of the conversations that are happening in the field, as well as get the inside scoop on job postings. Many professional associations have mailing lists that you can join whether you are a member or not.

Job and Career Fairs

Go to job and career fairs in your area to get to know the city job market that you are interested in. These fairs are a great way to meet people from many different companies and organizations. Remember to take plenty of business cards!