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How do I Find Career Resources?: Write A Resume

Resources for learning about what comes after university studies.

What is a Resume?

Resume vs. CV (and which one to use)

 A resume is typically a general and concise introduction of your skills, experiences, and education as they related to a specific career or position that you wish to acquire. Resumes are usually no longer than 1 page and are altered for each position that you apply for to emphasize the skills and experiences that directly related to that position. Resumes typically include:

  • name and contact information
  • education 
  • work experience

A CV is a detailed overview of your accomplishments, typically within the realm of academia. These documents are typically used for applying to research and academic positions with information listed in chronological order. CVs typically include the following information in addition to the information included on resumes:

  • honors, grants, and awards
  • publications and presentations
  • employment and experience
  • scholarly or professional memberships
  • references

Job descriptions will typically say which one of these to use for applying to the position. If the job description does not state whether a CV or resume is preferred and you are unsure, it is advisable to contact the company or agency to ask which one would be appropriate for the position. In addition to the resume or CV, a cover letter can also be requested as a part of the application materials.

Print Resources

If you want more books about writing resumes for your career field, try a title search in a library catalog using the following combinations:  

  • Best Resumes (your field)
  • Resumes for (your field) 

These are links to catalog search within the Kraemer Family Iibrary. Click on a specific subject heading to view the books and resources available.


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