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How do I Find Career Resources?: Job Opportunities

Resources for learning about what comes after university studies.

Plan Early and Learn about Job Opportunities

When looking towards the future, it is important to understand trends in the work place and employment trends to know what areas, services, and career fields will be viable long term. These resources help you identify fields that are projected to grow and/or remain steady in the future.

Print Resources


Catalog Search Tips

If you are searching for general career and vocation guides in a library catalog, try a subject search with the following terms:

  • vocational guidance
  • college graduates employement
  • occupations forecasting

These searches will return a list of subject headings for you to choose from. Click on one of the bold subject terms to see the resources available. 


If you are searching for books in your specialized area in a library catalog, try a title search with the following combinations of your area and the words:

  • Careers for (your area)
  • Career Opportunities For (your area)
  • Career Opportunities in (your area)
  • Great Jobs for (your area)
  • Guide to Careers in (your area)
  • Opportunities in (your area)
  • Vault Careers Guide to (your area)


You can use these same search strategies to find news about job trends online as well. Remember to evaluate the website for accuracy and reliability. Much of what you will find will be newspaper articles and  job search databases that also offer some trend analysis.