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How do I Find Career Resources?: Learn About Different Careers

Resources for learning about what comes after university studies.

Where to Start

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There are many different ways to learn about the careers available to you, such as career assessments or career books. Another way is to find people in different career fields and ask them about how they got into their field and what they do within the field. Interviewing individuals in different careers will give you a good sense of what the day to day grind looks like, as well as how to get your foot in the door and what you can be working on during your undergraduate career to build your resume and skills. 

Career Assessments/Inventories

One way to learn about different career fields is to take career assessment or inventories. These tests will gauge your interests, skills, and personality to recommend career fields for you to explore further.

UCCS Career Center

If you are a student or alumni, the UCCS Career Center offers appointments to take the following career assessments:

Strong Inventory Test

Myers-Brigg Personality Test

Focus Test

Strengths Quest

After completing the inventory you can schedule an appointment to go over the results with a career counselor. 

The following books offer career assessment inventories and you can look for them at your local library:

Occupational Descriptions

When learning about career fields it is important to research trends, job opportunity, job growth, job potential, and what type of practical work is involved in that career field. These resources will provide you with different options for finding and learning about different career fields.