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Plan the Job Search

Starting a job search is exciting and may have you wanting to job in with both feet first, however, if you take the time to plan out a job search strategy, you will improve your results and set yourself up for success.

Make a weekly or daily schedule of job search activities. This plan will help you keep track during your search. Develop your own schedule by committing to at least some of the following activities:

Get help with your job search

  • Take assessments to identify your skills, interests, values, or other traits. (See Learn About Different Careers page)
  • Prepare your resume. (See Write a Resume page)
  • Get in touch with your networking contacts. (See Network page)
  • Attend support groups and job clubs in your area.
  • Attend job search training sessions or related training.

Explore career options

  • Set up informational interviews.
  • Read professional journals and other career resources.
  • Research potential employers .

Search for jobs

  • Review electronic job search tools
  • Attend job search fairs.
  • Browse online job boards and newspaper job ads.

More information and help with starting a job search can be found at Career OneStop, where this information was taken from. 

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