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Nursing & Health Sciences Research: Find a Specific Journal or Journal Article

Using Journal Search

Use the "Periodicals" tab to find out if KFL has the full text of a specific journal. When using this feature, you are searching for journal titles.
The example below demonstrates a search for the journal, Holistic Nursing PracticeSearch results:

Image of results of journal search for the journal, Holistic nursing practice

Notice the years of coverage. Select the database that contains the issue of the journal you want. Use navigation provided by the database to find the specific issue and article you need. (In this example, CIHANL is not the place to go for full-text of an article published in Holistic Nursing Practice after 2005.)

In this example, you can also see that the Kraemer Family Library has print holdings of this journal. When you click on “Kraemer Library Print Holdings” you will be taken to the Library's catalog record that will show you what the Library has in print in print for this title. For some online students, it will not be possible to come to the Library to use the print journals.  Student in this situation can submit an InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) request for journal articles that KFL owns only in print.

You can try this same or a different journal title search yourself using the search box below.

Full Text Not Available through Kraemer Family Library?

"Sorry, no UCCS holdings found for this journal..."

When full-text for a needed article is unavailable at KFL, submit an ILLiad request for it.

For some online students, it will be impossible to come to the Library to use journals that are available in print only. Students in this situation can submit an InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) request for articles that KFL owns only in print.

Using Article Search

If you're looking for the full-text of a specific journal article, use "Citation Linker" to see if it's available through the Kraemer Family Library:
To access Citation Linker, go to the "Periodicals" tab and click on the Browse Journals by Subject linkOn the screen that opens next, click on the link for Citation Linker:

Image of journal search page with link to the citation linker

Fill out the form that appears next.  A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) alone or a PMID (PubMed ID) alone may be all you need to find your article.  If you have neither of these or your DOI or PMID search fails, search again using specific citation information (at the least include the journal title (or the journal's ISSN) along with the volume number, issue number, and starting page for the article you're looking for:

Image of citation linker search form

Try searching for an article yourself: Search for Print and Electronic journal holdings. (Remember to first click on Journal Search and then click on the Citation Linker link on the page that appears next.)